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By AdminMar 25, 2018

Top Five Cladding Ideas for Buildings

Who doesn’t dream of an attractive home with beautiful roof, exterior walls, and a garden with a natural setting? While purchasing a new house that fulfills your entire wishlist can always be a big step, availability of affordable options to transform your existing house into a dream one would be a great choice to exercise. There are a lot of ways to brighten up your home’s exterior appearance, where the cladding is one of the most appreciated and affordable ways for your new house or even for renovation. Changing the cladding of exterior walls makes a huge difference in the appearance of the house and offers you a large range of options to choose from. And the Technical Benefits? They Truly Harmonise with your Expectations! Apart from being an aesthetic tool, cladding forms a protective shield around your house, adding to the mechanical strength of the building’s structure. Ensheathing the house walls, facade, roof, and canopies with cladding ensures that your house is robustly resistant to sunlight, moisture, rain, strong winds, and pollutants. Indeed, cladding materials always prove to be more tolerant to cracks compared to non-clad ones. An immense variety of textures, colours, and materials used in prolific combinations insulate the house from noise and fire and prove to be excellent temperature regulators in summers and winters. While cladding applications save the house from the most unfavourable weather conditions, it stands strong for decades together without having to spend a lot on its maintenance and repair. In contrast with the painted walls, cladding merely needs a regular wash once in few years to maintain its elegance and freshness

Stone Cladding for Natural Look

Natural Stone Cladding comes up as one of the top preferences when it comes to the beauty, sophistication, and visual interest. Stone cladding can be done with either natural stones or manufactured ones, which expand your options and are easier to install at locations where the natural cladding stones are not easily available. If you have a penchant for the ‘18s or ‘19s classic mansion look, you can go with the stone cladding with the dark coloured stones and cover them with some flower creepers!

Vinyl Cladding

Other than its timber looks the Vinyl Cladding has many advantages for an Australian house. This cladding can withstand all Australian weather conditions and it would not break down with exposure to sun or rains. Vinyl cladding offers you an enormous range of colours and saves you from exterior paintings. With many designing choices, this low maintenance option would be relatively easier in your pockets too!

Timber Weatherboards

Weatherboards are one of the most popular, easy to install, and affordable cladding option for exterior walls. Weatherboards assign a natural appeal to the exterior walls, and the strength of timber puts it in one of the top choices for external cladding. You may just feel a bit spoilt for choices as the weatherboard cladding options in Australia range from cedar to pre-primed and treated finger-jointed pine, from baltic pine to cypress pine, and many more options. This kind of cladding would require a bit more attention and care than some of the other options, as the timber tends to split or turn gray with the passage of time. A periodic painting could do the trick, increase the lifespan, and keep that desired look on. To help you out with cladding applications, Vertical cladding with timber would prove to be a great option that complements every type of house. The most appealing feature about Vertical cladding is that it gives you endless possibilities to paint exteriors using any solvent-based paint or grade acrylic.

Fiber Cement Cladding

It is a durable and low maintenance solution for your exterior walls. This kind of cladding primarily contains wood fiber, cement, and sand, which makes it extremely durable among all the available claddings for Australian houses. The enormous options of colours and styles offer the benefit of opting for any appearance according to the design and surroundings of your house, and your unique taste. The fiber cement cladding can resemble many of its competitor claddings including conventional siding materials, notably stucco, cedar shingles, and wood clapboards.

Metal Cladding

This type of cladding is becoming a favourite choice for Australian designers. Metal cladding can be a perfect fit for feature walls, and it allows you to cover your entire house with unique colour and style combinations. Metal cladding offers you a variety of profiles and lets you combine it with timber trim to enhance the warm and natural appearance. One can also go for centuries-old metal cladding technique, like the old country houses and the shearing sheds.